Is it really true you're gone?
Why did you have to go?
I know the world goes on,
But it goes slow.
When will I see you again?
You're not only my cousin but you're my friend.

I will always have a memory of you in my heart
I will always carry that picture of you in my mind
I wish you could get a new start
Because that sure will be kind
Days stretch on before me, so miserable and dark, and long
I pray you walk beside me, cousin and help to keep me strong

A lot of our friends are up in heaven
I added them up
And it was seven
Let them know I said what's up
But also tell them I miss them much
All I long for is their touch

I know you're with God
Up in heaven having fun
But all I do is think and nod
Knowing you're like a bright star shinning like the sun
Your light is bright; never fading
Until we meet again; I'll be waiting

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