gone bad

Hey, I’m your imaginary friend
But don’t look at me because I’ve gone bad
I just remind you that you’re all alone
And I’ve lost all my Heavenly grace
Your imagination you couldn’t befriend
All those memories that drove you mad
Forgetting them I have forbade
Celestial calm you cannot resonate
Hahaha, your emotions & your worst Hell are mixed
Hahaha, you say I need your help friend, and I say and?
Self-punishment and seeing things that aren’t there merge
The demons inside come out at you like a wave
An imaginary friend gone bad
I need to figure out a way to turn this shit into gold
I’m tired of a bad imaginary friend taunting me all the time
It’s scary leaving me pale as the color white
There are a lot of un-logical figures I’ve endured
But only because the worst logicalities I’ve already faced
The only thing that bears all things through this is love
Love looks at the better of all things and helps me believe
If you say it with me, maybe we can get the shitty Spirit out of your imaginary friend
After I count to three, I want you to scream "bad things, let go of my hand!"
Okay, ready, one…two…three
“BAD THINGS, LET GO OF MY HAND,” now let it all free
Let the air take away all the negativity to keep it forever capped
I hope the bad imaginary friend is now eternally trapped
I hope the new one you have tells you ‘I Love You’ with a kind face
If it has a shitty attitude again, come back to me
We’ll recite this poem until that demon is dead

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