Gone But Not Forgotten

It's said if you're out of sight, you're out of mind,
But that doesn't mean the love you feel is blind.
Just because you don't have someone in your life anymore,
Doesn't mean your mind has shut the door.

There's no erasing the love you once had,
It's buried deep in your heart so the hurt won't be as bad.
You'll continue your life as you normally do,
Taking it one day at a time, if you have too.

You might think of them here and there,
Because deep down you still really care.
You can't make your heart stop feeling what it feels,
Day by day it gets easier so that you can deal.

There's always that hope that they'll come back to you,
If they still love you and the love is true.
All you can do is keep them in your heart and mind,
Until if they return when it's the right time.

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