Love gone one sided happened along. It's the tell of a
real sad song. A flood of tears stream down your face.
Unable to relate to feelings we once did reciprocate.
Don't cry, do to me, soon I will be a distant memory.
It's not by chance we had this May/ December romance.
I'm suffocating do to your love and attention. We
must break off to exist in our own dimensions.
Soon you will pull it together and weep no more.
Realizing you weren't just one of my scores, you were
one I did adore. I thought our lives would be
spent together. Now by looking in your eyes I must
just have fantasized. Maybe being so young made me
want to run. Don't take it to heart as I depart.
Leaving you alone to exist on your own. It's like
Jumping from a pan into a fire it's a pain no one.
desires. I don't want it now, I don't need it now, so
just let me alone to go off on my own.

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