Gonna Start A New Life


I'm gonna start a new life today.
I am gonna dream out loud and
I'll shine as bright as the moon.
I can only be who I can be, and
I won't pretend to be anyone else.
I'll never pretend to be perfect,
'Cause perfect isn't possible.
I am special, I am wonderful.
I am beautiful in my own way.
I won't let myself give up this time.
I'll work harder than before now,
And won't let anything hold me down.
I'm not gonna stop 'til I'm done,
Until I have reached my goals.
Some may still try to break me,
But I'll rise and stand undefeated,
And I will hold my head up high.
My skin is so much thicker now and
No one will get the best of me.
I'm not afraid to let the rain fall.
Let it wash me completely clean
Of my negativity and my problems.
I'm shedding my old ways now 'cause
I'm gonna start a new life today.

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