Good-bye 2014

In the vessel of devotion the women knead, they’re working together with the Sun and the clouds to grow everlasting fields of lilac trees.
The waterfront comes to them naturally, and suddenly, each one embraces their own unique individual Sunset Boulevard.
Somewhere over the Rainbow, Valley Girls listen to the blue birds sing it’s not about having a million, young one, you must build what you can today as the wise songbird’s wings flutter along with the breezes.
The bull in the china shop stops destroying things when the bull can let go of his bullheadedness.
A woman who wants to love someone is more important than the girl inside her who timidly tries to impress the fellahs.
The girl questioning who am I leaves the Earth to find a purpose, and she returns a woman working to achieve the ultimate way to clear-headedness.
I’m not afraid of the storm the devotional women scream to the grey of the clouds when it starts to pour, and each one starts to head for the entrances without umbrellas.
The unpractical becomes the more realistic way to live in the moment life gets lived with sentiment, and the spirit deals without hardheadedness.
Way up above the clouds, your heart reaches a beautiful connection to the Sun in which comforts that part of you who thought she was unskilled.

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