We have only been
Friends for a few months,
But we have grown to
Know and love each other

And now that you,
Ony have a few,
More days here

when I think of you,
My heart begins to race
My mouth begins, to quiver,
At the thought of you leaving me

My feelings are all mixed up
My tears are filling to the brim
As we get closer to you leaving

The harder it is to realize
That we probably will never see
Each other again
All I can say is I will miss
You and

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This Poems Story

I'm Chloe, a fourteen-year-old from a small town in Minnesota. I recently completed ninth grade at Crosby Ironton high school. "Good-Bye's" inspiration came from my need to find a way to say farewell to a foreign exchange student when it was time for him to go home. I wrote him this poem, as a good-bye present. When he read it he began to tear up which led me to know that my poem was well written and heartfelt. This is when I decided to enter this poem into this contest.