Good Enough

I'm not good enough. I'm not smart enough, pretty
enough or strong enough. I'm not what you want me to be
I'M NOT YOU. You can't see the pain I feel when you
look at me in that way. I may act different or do thing
in a way you don't understand, but I'm not you.
I have my own life different from yours. You
don't know my flaws of my pain, you don't even know
your own strength. You want me to be something i'm not
but that's not me. You think i can't hear the hurtful
things you say. You make my problems yours just
to take my life away. You pretend to love me but
you can't say why. You think I care about all your
lies. Listen to this, the pain you cause me is the
strength i gain. When you tell me things i hate
to hear, I don't say "Why me?" I say "Try me."
How about this..."CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?"
Did you think I was finished? I'm not done. You say I'm
too young to understand the world but I'm not young
enough? People ask me why i dealt with it so long, why
I never leave. It's not because I was scared but
because they thought i wasn't good enough.
I swallow my protest in exchange for their apologies.
You tell me I only have high self-esteem because I
have the constant need for your approval.
But i don't

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