Good Girl

Memories echo with voices in the cold dark cellar of my mind
Be a good girl, a good girl, all the time
Never let them see the wrongness within you
Lying cold and broken on the floor

Though the monsters may scrape you hollow, ravaging your soul
Eating your heart of stone
Never let us see

You're a good girl marching into oblivion
A puppet on a string
Get up; get on with your day
Never let the cracks break through
Keep the curtain tightly closed
the show must go on

When falling into the abyss: do not let your mask slip
Do not burden us with the infinity of your despair
But after all, I am not a good little soldier
In weakness I crack open my chest bearing to you my soul
While you recoil with horror and disdain

Now you will lock me up; feed me capsules of silence
Until I learn my lesson
Fix the mask upon my hollow face
Paint on a smile, shutter my eyes

Like a good girl I come into the sun
I let you wrap yourself in the warm comforting embrace
Of my lies

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