Here is that thing ,
The thing about people with good heart,
They give you excuse when you don't explain yourself
They accept apologies you don't need them
At your worst ,they lift you aside ,
The word "busy" does not exist in there dictionary
They make time,
Even when you don't and you wonder why
They are the most sensitive people.

You wonder why they are the most caring people ,
You wonder why they are willing to give so much
Of themselves cause love is in them
They are most influential
They give without expectation
In essential to your well-being.

Because they don't make your work
Hard for the attention they give you,
They accept the love they think they've
Entitled to let me tell you something
Fear the day when a good heart gives up
On you.
Our skies never allows the darkness to take
Over for no reason.

A heart full of love,does not give up
A heart does not turn cold unless its
Been tortured by coldness for a while
A bitter heart will remain bitter
Unless you take your moment and
Wilter sugar onto it.

A giving heart will always remain
A giving heart,creator of heaven and earth
Died for love of his own creatures
365 days is a big journey
My dearest Sharon has faced up
Winters and summer but Shea remained
2 good hearts creat strength , strength
That can never be broken
Strength that we are all craving for.

People make time, but what that time for
People text and reply to people
They want to talk to people,
They want to talk but never believe
In same people ,anyone who says
They are busy if they wanted to be around you
They would,that's why people with good hearts
Once they believe in sameone or something
Its not just for a second, a minutes but
Its always forever .

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