good in disguise

Thankyou for this rollercoaster life, For without Your help I could not survive! Thankyou for all the times I felt so alone for those were the times You made Your presence known.Thanks for all the roaring lions,and painful snake bites and for the bears and giants I often .fight..Thankyou for the chastisement where You held me down, though all my complaints You made not a sound! for the adversity that surrounds on every side For every affliction that despaired me of life.. for the times , YOU LET ME FALL DOWN, whih reminds me to Thankyou for the cold hard ground..Thanks for the people who told lies about me, for every betrayal that brought me down to my knees, For every defeat and every attack for every knife lodged deep in my back. oh my Lord I can go on and on for I've walked along way down this road I walk along. , And Thankyou fir all the countless dark nights and for not answering my prayers for You to show me a sign.And For the long stairs I worked so hard to climb; how else could I have from such a great height! .I know I usually Thankyou for all the good in my life but I'd like to Thankyou as well for the good in disguise. For by them little by little I'm being refined . And though I'm not sure how this will all turn out out .You are working it for my good In that I don't doubt. And I know for me I won't feel complete till My crown has been cast at your beautiful feet.

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