Good Morning, Sunshine

The darkness.
But through it, the stubborn rays push,
Disturbing the blackness that had settled in for so long,
Each warm beam announcing its arrival without apology,
Relentlessly bringing brilliance and luster to the landscape below,
Each shimmering needle poking holes...until so many join together,
Slowly replacing grey with the colors of a new day.
A new beginning, welcomed and familiar,
A new chance...
Once forgotten in the absence of light,
Now blinding in its return.

And the same is true for us:
Absent of love for too long...
But no match for the heat and glow from a new source of energy.
Just as the sun returns to rescue the night from the darkness,
So, too, does love arrive... unannounced and unapologetic.
Slowly at first...
But reinforced, it builds and conquers,
Punching holes, chasing shadows, adding color...
Until only light remains where sadness once lived.
The heart.

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