Good Night

As I lay me down to sleep
I look back at my life and weep
Sorrow feels my lonely heart as I stare into the dark
Falling endlessly into this blackened hole
What will become of my forsaken soul?
As I lay me down to sleep
Thoughts of you make me weep
The love we once shared I now see that you never really cared
All the laughter through the years
Washed away with that single tear
I can feel the void deep within, but I can't help to stop and grin
Once we were as a sweet lullaby
Then my heart broken by your cold good-bye
They say time heals all wounds
They must have forgotten about you and I
As I lay me down to sleep
My soul is consumed by fear as I weep
The time has come to undo all that is done
So hold on tight for this ride will be all but fun
Follow me in to the dark hand-in-hand we have failed from the start
Tears flow slowly down my hardened cheek
As I lay me down to sleep

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