To be here, standing on the rim of the cliff
taking a deep breath, realizing what all I will miss
being still and watching my thoughts all rush,
changing the striking incidents as memories in a hush
I can't stop, but to let my eyes tear up
to not know when I would smell the scent of my pup.

Gazing in the fields of my grandmom's tea
and to feel her touch with a nosh for me,
all the rides and tricks with my dad
making me laugh with tears a tad,
drama at dawn, stories at dusk
and braiding the hair with my confidant's musk.
Little I knew about a pain this hard
that makes me shiver in the deep boulevard,
"you're going for good," that's what they say
as if what I am going through now is quite a may,
never been in a place like this to face
but still, I bow down to tie the lace.

I turn back now, to see the turf
and preparing myself for the journey to surf,
tomorrow's the day where it's all gonna change
with the truck that comes from the old man's grange
no more doubts and a question of why,
all that's left is for me to say goodbye!

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