Just wish my lungs would cease the inhale
Longing so long to feel death's final exhale
Tired of being the reason everything goes to hell
Foundations shattered now, all has fell
When it's over then all will be well
Can't fight against this voice any longer
It just gets louder, gets stronger
Realizing that its always been true
Done nothing except screwed everything up around you
Why shouldn't I join it this time
Hard to argue with the truth in my mind
Why is giving up such an awful act
When I know everyone around will be better off if I do that
Blood does feel so warm, so embracing when it exits my vein
Keeping it locked away does seem like a shame
So desperate to once again feel something, some kind of pain
No longer be enough to dull the mental anguish again
Minds are horrible when turned against yourself
How do you fight a voice that is deep within your mind
Is letting him win truly wrong to do
When this life doesn't deserve saving
Being alive only caused more harm than good
So maybe it's time to check out of this lively-hood
Saving breath only extends the problem
Tired of being the root of all evil
Only desire to have been good enough, to make you happy
Once, just once wanted to fill this emptiness inside me

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