Why did you lie? Time just keeps passing by
Then i finally open my eyes I cry i cry i cry
I think about how much i wanna die You sit there and laugh
You make fun of me Everyone around me acts like they are the queen bee
I just wish i could float away in the sea Never to exist
Nor to breathe People think of me and deceive
No one knows how much they hurt me
Sometimes i think of getting a shirt
Grab it and choke myself so i know longer hurt
I'm always on alert I hope that one day i wake up
But not on earth Nor heaven or Hell But in my own little world
Where no one can hurt me Break me and tear me down
People scream and shout And tell me to die
While i do nothing but stand by Not show i'm hurt on the outside
They hit me and throw me While everyone watches
The horrible crime Then i know that it's my time
When all the pain stops I'm numb and gone even tho my life wasn’t long
No one will write me a song They all will laugh and joke
While no one will mope It’s better i'm gone
No one will long like i was never there
Its hurts to know that no one will bare my life
My heart and soul, the earth is just like a big bowl
As i call u in a telephone pole telling you my last words
Goodbye world i know you won't miss me! you'll be happier you'll see
I'm sorry goodbye This wasn’t meant to be!

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