hat do I mean when I say goodbye
Do I mean we shall never meet
Or we shall see each other once in a while
I mean time will tell my friend
5-I do not mean this is the beginning or the end
I shall see you when the sky is bright and plenty
When the sea is it's most blue and the grounds form a lilly
There in the sky there is a very puffy cloud above your head
It may be in the shape of a lovely musical that you once lead
10- We do not know when we see each other again
But everywhere I go I know that I have left a very good friend
I will be in the the sky thinking only of you and your heart
As you make the world look like heaven has begun to start
Don't ever shed any tears on my behalf
15-Remember the good times when I would make you laugh
Tears of joy I want to see
As you bring out something I couldn't see in me
I will lay here thinking only of you and your smile
As you couldn't find one within a mile
20-Enjoy your life while you can
So you can join me and give me your hand
Don't ever forget my name or the sound of my voice
I will remember yours forever as a songlike noise
Your kisses will forever make me feel special
25-Your protectiveness will forever make me be careful
I love you, that you should always know
Now walk away and never return to this muddy brown tomb floor.

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