Shock and confusion bombard my senses. I’ve lost my memory. How did I get here? Better yet, where am I?

Then it comes back to me.

I left. The word “Goodbye” lingered on my lips. I could taste the bitter sadness, like tears in the corner of my mouth.
“Goodbye,” I had said. As if it hadn’t torn me in two, I walked out the door. It was as if I had fallen into Alice’s rabbit hole as I drove away. His cold words ringing in my head, I urged myself to breathe even as I felt my chest constrict.
The phone never rang, never buzzed. It lay silent in the seat next to me as I gripped the steering wheel putting distance between us.
I felt my stomach hurl and cold settled in the pit. A wave of nausea threatens to overtake me as dizziness washed over me.
I feel destroyed.
The pieces of myself look put together but inside, like a mirror, I feel shattered and reflective. Sharp and jagged pieces of me lay scattered on the floor of my soul. How to put myself back together? How?
I left, as “goodbye” lingered on my lips and tears quivered in my eyes. Still, I ask myself, “how?”

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