From the beginning, I always knew.
You had brightened my spirit, with the smile that grew.
You opened my heart, and I had let you through.
One day I thought you didn't see.
So I lost all hope inside of me.
I waited and waited until it went black.
You then came running to back.
Until out of breathe, then you looked towards me.
As if I were some girl, you couldn't see.
My tears fled my eyes, and I knew you were just a lie.
Then you grab my arm and said,
"Don't be alarmed, I'm here by your side."
I didn't want to listen, I was just too afraid.
You hurt me so much, I had to stay away.
I closed my eyes and said goodbye.
But all you did was wave.
You stepped back on the traffic that flew.
You met my eyes and that's when I knew.
In a blink of an eye, all came true.
I lost all sight of the love we grew.
On that night, when you were carried away.
A note slipped out, in a sudden sway.
I looked in awe and I grabbed a hold.
In a bright blue bold, my tears unfold.
In the note that you wrote:
To this day, I wished you away.
I felt alone, but I couldn't stay.
Now let me hold you, like you did for me.
Until one day we'll be together. Always be mine, anytime forever.

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