Eyes irrigated, face flush, heart hurting, throat throbbing
Throat throbbing…
My throat ached as if it had been crushed by the suffocating grip of regret as it tried to choke back the words I wanted to say
Face flush…
My face grew hot as it was faced with the arduous task of hiding all vehemence
Heart hurting…
My heart ached with he agony of a thousand lost loved ones as it worked to suppress the anguish trapped within
Eyes irrigated..
My eyes not as strong as the others, could not hold back all of the sorrow that tormented my soul and eventually let one solitary tear escape carrying with it the agony trapped inside
As it caressed the crease where my nose met my cheek it told the story that I could not
I miss you
I love you
I need you
I don’t want to leave you!
But the only words to escape my lips somehow happened to be:

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