goodbye cousin til we met again

We come along way from were we began
I thought I grow up seeing you become a young man
But I guess god needed you more
He took your life before mine
It wasn't no joke
You were just my baby cousin you see
I had alot of love for you you weren't just family but a homie to me
We were there for each other no matter what
We stuck by each others side and never gave up
When I needed you you where there for me
And when you needed me I stuck around and would never leave
Now your gone you went to a better place
I will always remember you and seeing your face
I know times will get hard and I will miss you a lot but save a spot for me right next to you  when its my time to come
But as for now all I have are memories with you
And I'll remember all the good time I had shared with you to
So until then when I see you again
I'll always hold on to you my cousin my friend

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