Goodbye Midnight Moon

If today was your last day
And everybody still found you a disgrace
What measures would you take
To convince them
How right they are to feel that way
Because I’ve been down roads and paths
And ensured a better life for the ones that have passed
Yet by the living and the dead
The dawn and the day
If I could find my way around others opinions
Don’t you think I would have?
Because it’s another day of turning down my volume
And rejecting stares of sympathy
For a poor girl
Who’s only weakness caused a riot
Who’s love caused more pain
And who’s final day
Caused more regret for those that made her insecure
About weight and career and world views
Though most importantly the thing they changed
Was how much she used to love the world
And the way it cradled her to hazy comfort
The way it said goodnight when no one else had
And the way it said it’s final goodbye
As she did

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