Goodbye, Milly Mae

The story of our precious, brown-eyed Milly Mae began five years ago
Friends had some Springer Spaniel pups that we wanted to know
I held them all, but just one looked into my eyes that day
Sure enough that turned out to be our sweet ole Milly Mae
She came home giving me a lot of affection
It was obvious we developed a strong connection
Milly was corny, corky, smart and my best buddy
She liked to eat, chase balls, and get real muddy
Milly Mae wasn't perfect but she stood true
To what a dog is and what a dog will do
Milly was a slob, eating and drinking a hundred miles an hour
All was great until one day things went sour
Out of nowhere Milly Mae had a thing called a seizure
We went to the vet, got pills, and tried to please her
The seizures returned. A brain tumor or cancer? We will never know
It was horrific and hard but we had to let Milly Mae go
Milly Mae's life was short but her memories are long
She provided us with joy, love, and feelings that will never be gone
We know God must have had a reason to take our sweet Milly Mae
And that Milly's family misses her every single day
We love you Milly Mae and wish you were here
Your habits, your silliness, and just being there
Thank you Milly Mae for your personality and being a clown
And especially loving my family when I wasn't around
You protected, loved, entertained, and was quite clever too
Just know we love and will always miss you!

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This Poems Story

I live in a small town in southern Illinois, a place where we are blessed to experience all four seasons. My husband Brad and I have been married eleven years and have three children. We recently lost our sweet family dog to a terrible bout of repeated seizures. She was only five years old and she was the inspiration for this poem. By writing this poem, I hope that her spirit can live on and remind others how important their own dogs are and how they can be so much more than just a dog.