Goodbye To me

I was born on a midnight winter, frost was in the air. I heard strange sounds, I seen strange shadows, they seemed to be everywhere.
My story was just beginning, I guess I'll call her mother. Her eyes were pure honey, her voice was a song.
I fell asleep to the beating of her heart, such a melody of life. How lucky I was to be in comfort, not knowing of pain and strife.
I started this place called school today, there were others just like me.
We learned of many interesting things and we went outside to play.
I remember the breeze in the air, it smelled sweet, fresh and hopeful. I even remember that little kid, he always got in trouble.
Life in school came to a bittersweet end, all my friends were all gone. They all grew and made a family, letters to me they would send.
I now have children that came into the world, they walked the path I once walked. I loved their little voices, oh, how joyful they talked.
It was a gloomy rainy morning, my mother lay weak and ill. The doctor pulled me aside to tell me of my mother's will.
I listened to her songfull heart play it's last song.
She became an angel today, my life now fell apart.
My children now have all grown, they started a life all of their own. I grow weaker everyday, I'm now ready to go home.
All my friend's have left this world, they have left me all alone. Soon I will get off this ride, then start my journey home.
I died on a midnight winter, frost was in the air. I closed my eyes forever, I finished my story here.
They laid me in the ground today, they said their goodbyes. They had sorrow in the voices and had tears in their eyes.
Goodbye to me, ill miss this wonderful world, I had an amazing story, but like all stories they come to an end.
Nothing lasts forever.

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This Poems Story

I made this poem because we all look over the little things in life. It all could be over before we know it. Sometimes we wish we could go back and do it all over again, back to when we were babies, children and enjoy all the things we take for granted, like the smell of school books and the future distant and full of hope. I say enjoy life, cherish love from the hearts of your family and friends because in the blink of an eye those moments shall pass.