I watched him as he walked out that door
So many had left that I can nearly keep score
They come and go just like seatides
life is full of goodbyes

She said that she will never leave me and her love was unconditionally
But I find myself sitting at her old desk writing her obituary
When she left all I could do was deny...deny
But life is full of goodbyes

Didn’t wanna leave the house my family grew up in
But that’s what happens when you don’t pay mortgage
So no more fun, beaches, cookouts, or hayrides
Cause life is full of goodbyes

She made me tell her the truth
They said that it was the best thing I could do
Now I have no more secrets to hide is full of goodbyes

Sometimes you have to let things or people go
That’s the only way you can let your life grow
People and things will leave, and they even might die
But you have to let go and move on, cause life is full of goodbyes!

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This Poems Story

This poem is telling the reader that it’s ok for people to leave, because life is full of goodbyes!