Darkness encroaches upon my vision,
Causing my heart to beat frantically in fear.
No, it can't be happening yet.
Not here, not now!
I feel my limbs slowly turn to lead,
Numbing the pain and increasing my fear.
No, my fear was not of death.
I would welcome death at any other time,
Just not now, when my heart had almost broken free.
"Please," I beg quietly in my head, "just give me more time."
But, alas, I knew my time was up and my wish would never be granted.
Never shall I see my love or shower her with my affection,
Never shall I be granted the view the beauty of England or Ireland.
If only my deepest and fondest wish could have come true,
To see my darling smile at me and love me as I love her.
Soon I feel my body relax into Death's calming embrace,
And I welcome it,
No, I welcome her gentle coaxing from the pain I felt.
I smiled softly, knowing my family would miss me once I passed,
Before speaking in a soothing manner-
"Good night, everyone."

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