Shower me with affection,
Passion like an obsession,
devoting myself with attraction,
pleasuring you with satisfaction,
translating as I use my imagination,
9 months later what a blissful creation,Fantasizing
Believing this is fiction,
Man this situation got me in this position,
but wait I had to think; realization that this was an option,
not a mistake we wasn't caution,
we focused on the relation because of temptation,
call it experimentation;an artistic representation of elevation
with lust, exploring love with physical concentration,
believing this demonstration would spark communication between the 2,
reality this is a misconception,just an idea of anticipation of thoughts
leading the mind to masturbation,
BUT exploration of this information can cause a situation
from temptation that's not the right combination,
caused by an imagination extending the population,
no acceptance of this expectation,
because of lust not love,
So confrontation will lead to destruction all because
of fun penetration causing frustration,
mental motivation, used with words and visual creations,
but here is my resignation on this notation,
because I'm perfectly using my grammar and punctuation,
no more love lust complication,this is a serious no-no demonstration

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