I see you standing there. Laughing and talking in your group. You call each other friend, yet you turn your backs on each other and start talking again. I'm just the outsider looking in. You invited me in to be a part of you. I choose not.

I don't understand these things you do. You gather to speak badly of a friend, then you sit down to have lunch with him. You claim to be friends, yet your so untrue. I wish you could be me just watching you.

I see you judging people and you ask me what I think. I say, judge not your friend until you stand in his place. Take a look in the mirror at your own face.

One who gossips with you will gossip about you. Look for goodness finding kind words to say. When you hear gossip, turn your head and go the other way.

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It's easy to get caught up in the negativity of gossip. I have been taught never say about somebody what you would not say to them. Gossip is just negative wasted energy and people get hurt.