Government is a toy, rule play by the people

The people organize their own country
Provide an important position for him
Freedom for politics
Invite himself to be criticized
Realizing is the most recent thing
As if they cover their faces to a design

Two candidates
Ready to lick
Here and there just spread charm
Unaware that his treasure was extinct in his pants
Spreading his expression seemed to look wise
Various tricks he did
So that the opponent can conquer him
He can submit on behalf of a friend

This country, the land of cheats
Where fraud oppresses justice
Where the gap seems neglected
The poor, the poorer
The rich, get richer
Who isn't friends, can't eat

Science seems to be dumped
Experience as if not practiced
Understanding the basic state has become a memory
First lady looks at a plan
Designing to make a palace
Spreads around to fall asleep
Which later leads to adultery

This country is not a union state
Do anything that is not bound
Regulations are made to be obeyed
Not one after another want to fall
Not to be made and then displayed
Like crazy people free to be naked

The people have no shame
The pan was buried by sorrow
Prioritize yourself first
Instead of those who were complaining they finally released
As if people spread laughter
While they are acting

Democratic country
Only invite people to be apathetic
Agrarian country
Only makes employment increasingly crisis

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