Trying to get away
Running in opposite directions
To forget your name
And escape my imperfections

Nothing seems right
I'm losing my mind
Which way do I go
To leave you behind?

I'm driving myself crazy
Pulling my hair
Screaming and kicking
And fighting for air

"I'm here," I hear you say
And I try to ignore it
But your voice is so close
I want to grab it and hold it

I can't
No! You can't have me just yet
When I die you can take my soul
- I'd rather be dead

Running, fighting this nightmare inside of me..
"I'm here, my darling..."
Why can't I escape you?
How do you always keep finding me?

"Because I'm here, right here
I've been here all along
Hold on hope, my darling
You've got to be strong."

Your voice is now so clear
And I can hardly bare
The burning in my feet
These knots in my hair

"Look deep in your heart
And listen when I speak
You think you're running away
But you're just running straight to me."

Could it be real....? Yes, it's real
My mind is changing
My bones are reforming
My lungs are expanding

Piece by piece
My body is being put back in place
And all I needed was you, oh God
To save me with your everlasting grace.

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