My thoughts for you could never be expressed into words,
The only thing I could ever fully know is the song of birds,
Every day either early or late,
The birds sing their songs to their own tastes.
I am no bird, my thoughts are spread on the floor,
I can never at rest, my mind is always at war,
The only peace I get is when I am with you,
It seems like you will never get peace, when I am with you.

No matter how hard I try, I am never good enough,
I love you so much, the feeling is rough,
My thoughts hurt more and more, I have run out of luck,
I can't control them now, they've run amuck.
My thoughts are of you, so pretty and bold,
They are of us, together and old,
The future I wish for us both to share,
In perspective of you, it does not seem fair,

My love for you, meets no end,
If you need a hand, I have one to lend,
I know you don't feel the same, no matter what I do,
There seems to be no way, for me to be with you.
So as the birds sing their song, so graceful and nice,
The thoughts in my head act like elephants around mice,
And to end off this poem, I really have to say,
To you, a good evening, have a very nice day.

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