Grace gained

My Earthen bowl was scavenging on sin
and my eternal Soul dragged into fire bin
I knew Thy Salvation can lead me to win

But the devil always reminded, where I have been
The senses lured , now how can I be clean
For I am lost and searching you in keen

In all ways i couldn't wash my sinful stain
As I have tried everything but in vain
And realized that I hav been living all these days in bane

Blessed is the day when I was there in fane
With repentance waiting for your blessing to rain
I withnessed ,thy cross has taken all my pain

Lord lead my path to guide and train
I pray let not my faith stammer in worldly drain
As i praise thee , for the grace I have gained.

*Earthen bowl= body
*bin= hell *keen =interest *bane =curse
*Fane= temple

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    This Poems Story

    This is my first spiritual poem I have been trying to write one but waited for time for words to flow and finally I wrote's close to my heart