Not too long ago,
I believe I was in kindergarten isn’t it so.
Barely knowing how to read a book,
The amount of effort that it took.
I start to look back now and see how the time flew,
Why can I not just have one more year or even two.
While, yes I am very excited to start a new chapter,
And be put into a real world were I do matter.
They always told me that the time will go by fast,
I just never thought I would reach the last.
I think back and remember growing up,
And now I am going to be a grownup.
But for the last month before I walk across the stage,
I would like to create one last page.
I want it to be filled with advice,
Of the things I learned from once or even twice.
I want to move on and make an impact,
Maybe do something significant matter of fact.
I do not know what the future holds,
But I am willing to always go for the golds.
Now for the people that have come before me,
I truly hope that they will see,
How when I get to walk across the stage,
The chapter will have turned a new page.

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