A seed was sown, a promise made
A hope was placed in fragile hands
With tales of love and dreams of life
Beauty and Beast, Venus and Mars
A rose in hand love in your gaze
What could go wrong, when all seemed right
Two precious lives, stars in the night
They shone, they danced, they lit the dark
And lived off smiles
Untamed by time,
The world was theirs, to hold and give
As signs of trust and gifts of faith
Oh youthful souls
Oh foolish hearts
They ran as far as love would take
And played amongst the stars
There was no limit to endless joy
Or so they thought
---But time is cruel
And souls must part and end their dance
Hearts torn in two cursed from the start
Where are you now?
I ask my soul
As I look down at earth and sky
Now waiting here where we first met
Counting the days like grains of sand
Frozen in time with hope in mind
---Wandering souls
And hearts without homes
Something poetically sad about being alone.

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