Gramma’s Attic

Gramma’s Attic
It was a week before Christmas and this can not be,
for I have not found one single green tree.I went up to gramma’s attic to look all about, and there in the corner what did I see?I notice a huge box with a sign that was attatched stating it was free.And to my wonder, I thought
to myself “what could it possibly be?” I pulled and tugged
till the big box became free.Then the big box top swung open and out came a tree.As quickly as I could I dragged it
down the stairs and brought it outside to decorate it with
colorful lights and handed the glass bulbs with extra care.
And for the top of the tree, I placed a shiny white star for all gods angels to see from afar.When all at once
I notice tiny white specks that were sent down from above,
it was sent down by gods angels and it looked like diamond
dust made from gods love for this time of year.And now the
time is almost here to enjoy your family that’s far and near.
And to my family that’s in heaven above, may you have
a Merry Christmas even though you are not here.
Then I stepped back to admire the brightly lit tree, wishing all the people on earth and afar.Merry Christman to all
and to all a great New Years.

Written By Cindy Lou Wyman

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