Grand daughter

Perfect picture, childhood memories so clear.
My grand child, a life into this world, my precious dear.
Where were you all this time? Hiding in that cozy sac?
The cries, rings in my ears, I could never give back.

In my arms you lay, smell your baby perfume so sweet.
I remembered my time, it happened so discreet.
My innocence, was a sign of longing to be loved.
Just a fairy tale fantasy, not a love from above.

My granddaughter, the memories came rushing through.
Births of my children, from failed marriages that counts two
The pain, endured of helpless and hopelessness suffered.
The wrongs, the rights, the blaming game, why bother.

My eyes were filled, ready to burst into tears, but I recovered.
It’s not me this time, it’s my daughter’s life, I remembered.
Pulling myself together, smiling at this precious site.
Caress her gently, with words whisper, as I say good night.

Love you baby girl, with all my heart, and every breath.
I will protect you, as I did my girls, you are all my seeds.
A new generation, here to follow the path of love, and blessings.
Entwined as one, bonding together, forever caressing.

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