Grand Parade

Welcome to the Grand Parade
There’s confetti in the air
Music’s on high
Can you hear the people sing?
Of course you can’t!

Welcome to the Grand Parade
Sit back and enjoy the show
Our generations finally in control
We don’t play by the rules
So here we go

Welcome to the Grand Parade
We don’t wanna take the same old route
Police will try to guide
But well take our own way
Kick the music up past 12
This generations gonna sing tonight

Welcome to the Grand Parade
Put your hands in the air
Everyones gonna hear what we say
Who cares what’s before us
As long as we set up the show

Welcome to the Grand Parade
Confettis in the air
Doesn’t matter what they yell
Everythings going down
But the show must go on

The cannons going off
The confettis caught a flame
Guess the colors didn’t work
But we’ll still sing

Welcome to the Grand Parade
Our music’s cut off
The float just didn’t work
But we’ll shine out anyway

Welcome to the Grande Parade
It’s not a competition to be the best
But you know we gonna win
Because we let everyone in
So what if it all burns to the ground
Lets enjoy the show
So sit back and listen to the voice
Of our Grand Parade

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