Grandeur of the Stars

Two dazzling stars glimmer in the cool blackness of night
Two studs of opal dazzle beyond compare
Like lapping tongues of white and gold lightning
Nymphs of the galaxy, breath of heathen's air

Two striking eyes of sapphire watch them with burning curiosity
Two wonderous thoughts bloom behind their ever gazing walls
How glorious, these simple jewels
How skillful, the hands that set them in their stone

Two delicately crafted works of art, valuable beyond measure
Two beautiful sights for dreamers' eyes to behold
One passed through generations, diamonds laced about the lady's neck
The other, gleaming gems sewn into the endless fabric of night

Ten thousand crystals, cast like marbles
Ten thousand diamonds, arrayed like raindrops
Ten thousand garnets, dispersed like petals
Ten thousand emeralds, scattered like seed

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