oh elizabeth reyes
i dont feel your love
i made mistakes in the past that you always bring up
you want me to be perfect
sorry i cant be
you want to see me cry?
how about punished?
you tell me unplug those earphones
you think im just watching you tube videos or listening to music
but its not just that, i do it to tune you out
the negativity,the acussations, the useless shouting and the lies
i dont need that and i dont want it
i refuse to listen!!!
i was scared of you
i would cut my wrists at night but never too deep so you could see
i was kicked by your words
beaten by your lies and accusations
slapped by your your hand of betrayal
i thought you were suppose to love and care about me
i thought wrong
when you wonder why i dont exist in your world anymore
if im ever in your thoughts
read this poem elizabeth and youll figure it out
why you dont deserve to be called the name that is loving and caring
you dont deserve that name elizabeth reyes

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