I wish it was you that I seen
I wish it was you that I felt
If only I could tell you how much you mean
I know it would make your insides melt

You were going through so much pain
It was so insane ,
Falling on the floor , feeling so ashamed
Not taking your medicine because the pain would gain
Realizing that you was still feeling the same
Letting go of life & being picked up by God’s crane

To this day I still miss you
And lets not forget your kiss too
You are my inspiration
So strong fighting through everything even while being a chemo patient

I just wanna talk to you
Maybe a nice walk will do
Sky so blue and you so beautiful
A trip to the park seems cool

I just have one question
Why couldnt you stay
Febrauary 24th was my day
Until I had to watch the angels take you away

When we heard that God was ready for you
We all wanted to go too
But there was no way we could get through

Everything I do is gonna be for you
So when I become successful I’ll make sure you get mentioned too
I’ll never let go , because it takes two
and i know thats something you wouldnt do
Grandma just know I’m coming and I love you !

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This Poems Story

After the tragic event of losing my grandma , I thought I could see her , touch her like I always did , she was going through a lot of pain and she couldnt take it anymore , she didnt want to live in pain so she made the decision to give her life away , I got the text while I was in school that my grandma was in the hospital , the day of my birthday and I had to leave and go there , I spent my sweet 16th birthday watching my grandma pass away , wasnt nothing sweet about that , but the time spent with her remaining on this world , eventually her time has came and she was gone , and I just know that everything that I do is gonna be for her , and i’ll never let go of her because she would never let go of me , I love my grandma and I wish she was still physically here with me and her family and friends .