Grandma Who

Who loves us like it is her last day
And asks how I am doing
Who is the light of my life
Who is full of happiness
Whose is the most caring person in the world
Is old, but never stops glowing
Who gives the right advice during the hardest times
Who whips up gooiest, softest batch of chocolate chip cookies
Whose hair is always a white jumbled mess
My grandma is the reason why the world spins
Who wonders who caused the wildest weather
Who is always there to cheer me up
Is dying
Is unable to move from her bed
Is an angel in disguise
Who can not tend to flowers in her garden
Is limp as uprooted weed *
Who taught me to say grace
Who made the dark days bright
Is slowly shriveling away
Who will always be the light of my life
Is the women who never stopped loving us even on her last day
Asking how I am still doing
How she loves us how?

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