Grandma your gone

I still remember that phone call
the night you past away
i couldn't believe it
i called you phone no answer, no answer
no one home on that sad day
my tears fall like rain
i cried, i cried
the day you died
grandma your gone
i couldn't believe it
believe that god called you home

your angels wings
you got on that day
grandma i miss you
reminisce when i got scared
i call you
we sit late at night and
pray and read psalms 23
you said i'm just a phone call away
but now your home
the difference is its not a phone call today are any other
so i pray, i pray alone
grandma your gone

i still remember that smell
of the sweet homemade German cake
you know when i was coming that gumbo would always be ready
grandma your home god told you he was ready
cant question my loss but it was a great one to bare
at time i felt it was unfair but i know that you had to go
god wanted you more
your love ill forever adore
grandma your gone

grandma Gladys
i miss you i wish that i could just kiss you
one day will meet again
in that garden of flowers
and gods holy towers
grandma your home
fly high protect me from heaven
i know we all got a day to die but right now
ill keep those memories we had alive
grandma your home

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