Grandma’s Estate


There’s a little blue book my
mama keeps telling me to read.
She says it might make all
of this easier on me...
But this nursing home
made me sick before COVID-19.
So I watch you through the window
since I can’t come inside to see.
There’s a little for sale sign
in your front yard.
It says there will be an estate
sale here next week.
I kept as much as I could,
because letting go was hard.
Any price put on it is too cheap,
because it’s all priceless to me.
God only gives us so many
grandmas in our lifetime.
I’m blessed to have had you
for as long as I did.
More than anything I wish I
could go back in time,
and spend more nights with
you like I did when I was a kid.
A family moved into your house,
but I always picture us on the couch.

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