Grandmas Kitchen

The smell of pumpkin pie bursting through the air
Grandma says hello with a bright eye stare.
So many memories flashing through your head,
the days she would make you soup when you were sick in bed.
Through the window, while you play outside.
She was joyful, so many times she had sighed.
Coming home from school with a snack already prepared.
She would ask you how your days was, but you really didn't care.
How you should have appreciated her,
Because the good memories became a blur.
She slowly began to wither away,
as she grew old and grey.
In Grandma's kitchen
were she glistened
There lays grandmas love unconditioned.

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This Poems Story

This story is about how you should have to appreciate your, elders. Your good memories shared with others are what matters the most.