Grandma’s Medicine

We didn't go to the doctor for everything
Grandma had a medicine
it cured just about anything
grandmas medicine
you had a cough
you better go get grandma's medicine
your throat was soar,
she give that look
you know what you took
grandma's medicine
she whipped up that
hot tonic
honey, peppermint, and a Lil jack Daniel
she called it grandma's medicine
Now if had been stopped up that castor oil
you already know
grandma's medicine
You stepped on something couldn't get out
that salt meat she said would surely get it out
grandma had a remedy for almost anything
i thank grandma
you know for that grandma's medicine
guess what
she passed along
from generation you know
her hot tonic and a lot of wisdom
we shall hold forever forever
so long

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