Grandma’s Poem

"Everyone knows
That roses are red-
But they're so predictably lazy,
Always asleep in their bed.
And we can bet that the violets
Are likely still blue;
But they will never be sad,
In a garden near you.
In fact, they just want
To keep you toiling away.
Breaking your back
In the heat of the day,
Pretending all along
That, if you don't, then they'll stray.
Never wanting you to know,
The real reason they stay.
It is they who need you
To enrich their dull life-
Not tons of fresh soil,
Or hours of strife.
They know that their beauty,
Combined and times two,
Falls short in comparison
To all that's in you!
And even the sun,
Who was there from the start,
Fails to keep up
With the warmth of your heart."

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