Grandmother’s Dream

“America’s the best place to live!”
That’s what you always say
Everyday in your wheelchair under the tree
Telling stories of how you lived in that place
With the happiness found in your voice
Maybe, America’s a dream place to live
After hearing your story thousands time
I’m still amaze Grandma and not bored at all
Your English is too fluent as you speak of it
You’ve lived for more than 9 decades
My age wasn’t even a third of yours
You keep on forgetting us, asking who we are
But 5 decades have passed
Yet your memories of living in that place
They are all intact; Clear as a crystal
In your mind, it will be that place
A place that you’ll always dream to set foot again
A place you’ll never forget even in your last breath
I always think of how amazing America is
Now, that you’ve fled in His side
I promise you Grandma; I’ll make your dream come true
Even if I’m only holding a picture of you
I’ll bring you to that place once again
And one day, I will tell stories
To my children and even my grandchildren
Of how beautiful it is like you always do.

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