Grandpa, Who Created Earth?

Grandpa,Who Created Earth?

Oh! Grandpa, who created the earth?
who created the dark moist forest, wonderful animals,
both large and small?
who created the enormous mountains, green valleys,
blue oceans and winding rivers?
the blue sky, glittering stars and glorious full moon?
who created you and me?

well, my child,
millions moons ago, there was a mist,
encompassed the land.
the earth was young,
the animals and plants had been created,
were not fully formed,
had no names and particular attributes,
the creatures and plants,
needed someone who could,
watch over them.
give them names and purpose,
so my child,
God created us, Humans!

he uttered,
male offspring will be strong, kind and wise,
female offspring will have the power,
to give the creatures and plants.
names and purpose.
my child,
together we stand and grow,
to protect and nurture,
our only precious gift from God,
our Mother EARTH,
for us and our future generations!

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