Grasping at the Night

I toss and turn in my bed late into the early PM.
Well I try and subdue the resurrected memories,
Of what I want to forget.
And it weighs my head heavy,
Flooding with the pain of yesterday and the prospects of tomorrow.
The wind slams on my window wanting to be let in,
But I won't let it.
It's begging me, pleading to breathe life into dead fears,
Condoning the emptiness of haunting tears.
That I've been harboring in my aching heart for all these years.
So I grab a bottle,
Attempting to drown out the screaming I keep locked within.
But it doesn't help.
No, it makes it worse.
Amplifying everything I hide from,
Within these confines of which I call home.
Attempting to escape from the vices that I so desperately cling onto,
There's only one way out and I know what it is,
But I leave it alone,
Cause it leaves my stomach rotten with loneliness.
So I beg for a hand to reach into this hole that I've dug myself in,
Cause even in the darkest of nights,
I know there's a light.
A light waiting to guide me back to where I belong.
So don't forget where you've been,
But always forgive yourself for taking a beating on the chin.
There is a light.

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