You of the life giving green, softening my steps
stabilizing the earth
You who bless my life, all life in crucial, mandatory ways
are now showing your darker side

Bermuda they call your strain, like the Triangle
Pernicious and tenacious, you cling to your Mother
as I tug and try to rip out your rat's hair roots
to garner some sacred space
Yet you spread like wildfire beyond all geometric borders
Not heeding my call for just a part and parcel of deep and
wide; pure, uninterrupted rich brown soil

I'll win in the end and you'll be amazed at what else
will bloom green and bear flower and fruit
and grow in and out and obtusely, too. And you'll start
creeping back and I'll rip you out again, but just along there

Everywhere else I'll unwind and laud you
Take off my shoes and toe touch your sweet green chloroplasts

And when I'm countryside and large smooth stretches of you abound,
I'll surely break out in song, squint and drink in
the softened blue/green horizon
And find someone to roll on you with
Tangling straight up to Heaven

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